ARM4ALL Design Contest

SOLIDWORKS partners with the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation for the ARM4ALL Design Contest! Make a difference in the world by designing the next generation mechanical below and above elbow device that complements LN4’s prosthetic hand.

SOLIDWORKS and LN4 Foundation

Over 13 million people around the world have forearm amputations. A prosthetic hand is an invaluable asset to individuals without upper limbs. The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation’s (LN4HandProject) mission is to help restore functionality in people who suffer from diseases requiring amputation or who lost limbs in traumatic incidents. Over the past 16 years, the LN4 Hand Foundation has delivered 60,000 low-cost, light, durable, functional prosthetic hands based on a pre-CAD design.

For the past few years, we, at SOLIDWORKS, have been working with LN4 in order to help them provide free mechanical prosthetic hands for all who need them, anywhere in the world. A team of SOLIDWORKS employees recently designed this next-generation prosthetic hand for them.


This year, 3DEXPERIENCE Works For Good, in partnership with the LN4 Hand Foundation, has launched the ARM4ALL design contest, which aimed at helping LN4 produce a new below and above elbow device, complementary to the new LN4’s hand. And we want to warmly thank all the students who took part in our 3DEXPERIENCE Works For Good action through this design contest.

Professional Jury Prize:

1st Prize: an Apple Mac Book Air

THE ARMageddon Project by Ameloot Paul
641 votes

2nd Prize: a Sonos One – Smart speaker

ARMIONIC by Demirci Murathan
5830 votes

3rd Prize: an Apple iPad

Design of below and above prosthesis by Mazaleyrat Aurélien
20 votes

Public Jury price:

Apple Watch Series 7

Domination of The Ropes by Kucukaltun Nadir Oktay
6537 votes

Social media Prize:

A virtual VIP pass for the 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 event and a SOLIDWORKS backpack including a Blaupunkt wireless headset, a battery charger, a connected key ring, an umbrella and a pen

Prosthetic Arm design by Sangı Ahmet Can
160 votes

Judging criteria

PROFESSIONAL JURY PRIZES – Rewarding the 3 first best projects

100 total possible points + 25 potential bonus points.

  • Design (35 pts)
    • Aesthetics
    • Originality and creativity
    • Durability
  • Usage and functionalities (25 pts)  
  • Pitch (project presentation) (15 pts)
    • Description and screenshot(s) of the rendered project
    • Rendering visual quality
    • Interactive explanation or video
  • 3D Printing / Prototyping (15 pts) – 
    • Can be done at home, at school or at a FabLab
    • Smart design to avoid as much support material as possible
    • 3D Printing oriented assemblies to reduce number of parts thanks to 3D Printing capabilities (example 2 part hinge printed as 1 part with gaps)
    • Printing Time
  • Maintainability and Recycling/ Environmental (5 pts)
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to repair
    • Easy to replace parts
  • Sustainability (5 pts)
    • Non-toxic parts
    • Environmentally-conscious
  • Bonus Points : (25 pts)
    • Designing attachment to body (10 pts)
    • Use of 3DEXPERIENCE platform (5pts)
    • Project post in the 3DEXPERIENCE Edu | Students Community (5 pts)
    • Social media likes on posts including #Arm4All hashtag and @SolidworksEdu and @3DXEdu on Instagram (5 pts)

PUBLIC JURY PRIZE – Rewarding the most votes

The project that will have obtained the most votes on this website at the end of the third phase of the Competition will be selected as winning and the winner will be awarded prize the nature and value of which is described in Article 5 of the Rules.

Each visitor of the Website is limited to one vote per project throughout the duration of the Competition.

At the end of the Competition period, in the event that several projects have received the exact same number of votes, the first of these Projects to have been posted, with   the posting date serving as proof thereof, will be awarded the prize.

INSTAGRAM PRIZE – Rewarding the most ‘Likes’

The project that will have obtained the most “likes” on the Organizer’s INSTAGRAM pages/accounts (on both @SolidworksEdu and @3DXEdu accounts) at the end of the third phase of the competition will be selected as winning, and the winner will be awarded the corresponding prize.