Adaptable Prosthetic | Pedro Cerqueira ISEL

Project by : Cerqueira Pedro

Hello, here I present my design for the ARM4ALL contest. It consists of a system that can adapt three different residual limb dimensions:
– When the arm below the elbow is missing.
– When there is some residual limb of the forearm.
– When only the hand is missing.
The focus of this project was to make a system that could please the maximum kinds of residual limbs and at the same time be comfortable providing ease of use.
Whichever system the user needs to use, it’ll have the same fixation system with the choice of adding a rubber extension and/or a plastic extension to allow the most effective fixation at the best location, without to ever wonder about its elbow not being able to bend.
The materials of the prothesis are mostly PLA (30% natural fiber), which is lightweight, easy to clean, non-toxic and renewable.
For a detailed explanation, feel free to watch my video presentation.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Pedro Cerqueira from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa