Domination of The Ropes

Project by : Kucukaltun Nadir Oktay

Hello, This is my design for the ARM4ALL event. Let me tell you a little about the mechanisms I designed. My first mechanism is the little slings on the forearm. Here I attach the string attached to the lower fingers and this simple string mechanism does the holding. Next, the holes you see in the hand piece are designed to hold a pen. When we release the handle for its hole at a certain level, the pen will lock and remain stationary. Our other mechanism is where the rubber rope will be attached. The rubber rope will be connected to the place you see in the lower part of our hand piece from that slot, and this will allow us to do the linear movement we do more comfortably. Also, the slot under the forearm here provides arm support with a sling worn around our neck. My final mechanism is again a nest. This slot is a magnet slot, and a magnet we put there with our fingers wide open can provide us with certain possibilities. I found this magnet logic very useful because it can give us the necessary support for the grip. For example, you have 3 or 4 magnets, you attach 1 of these magnets to the slot I designed and the other 3 magnets to the products you use frequently during the day, and it will be easier for you to hold those products. These are what I will tell you about my mechanisms, you can find them in my YouTube video and in my 3DEXPERIENCE Post. I will add the link below when this article is over. I produced 1/2 version of this design from 3d printer. But my design had to be optimized because I would get 1/2 print. I don’t have a 3D Printer, so I took the print from the old printer at my school, it took 11 hours in total. I couldn’t add the video and photos below where the mechanism works, I thought I’d add them here, but the system works even though it’s 1/2. It would be better if I made a pattern or surface roughness to keep it on the only missing fingers.

There is a link I will add below, this link is for AR View. When you click on that link, you will see the website of my 3D model. If you open this link from your phone, you will be able to add it to your own working environment or any flat surface (Make sure your phone supports AR).

That’s not all I have to say, but I don’t have enough vocabulary to explain. I hope I explained well enough. Thank you for this event. It is truly a wonderful feeling to offer these opportunities and use my engineering skills for the benefit of humanity. Thanks again, stay healthy.

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