THE ARMageddon Project

Project by : Ameloot Paul

The ARMageddon Project is an advanced solution for upper limb replacement, following the ARM4ALL specifications. It can be adapted from above-the-elbow to below-the-elbow configuration by simply unscrewing the upper limb attachment part and directly screwing the ARM4ALL hand instead.

The elbow angle can be set by a simple push on a button, and offers a 90° range of adjustment. Once set, the elbow is locked in place in the desired position.
The limb attatchment system is based on a Velcro system.
The design is fully 3D printable and the assembly can be done with a single (provided) tool, also 3D printable.

We have a detailed documentation but we cannot submit it via the submition website, so please contact us by email if you want the full documentation of the project.

We hope you find our work interesting, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information.

Enjoy !