Project by : Meza Daniel

Hi my name is Daniel Meza and this is my simple Prosthetic Arm I’ve called The CLAW. It is really simple to build and can be adjusted and even 3D printed to suit the user’s needs. I went for a sort of claw machine type look so that the arm has a wider grip to grab onto bigger objects with ease. The main mechanism for the claw is to be held in tension by rubber bands and then have a wire that will extend to the user’s arm so that he/she is able to grab and lift objects with ease. Unfortunately due to time constraints and other factors I wasn’t able to complete it, but it should still be about the same as a more simple prosthetic arm. This arm also has very few parts so there is no hassle in either setting it up or taking it apart. This was both a stressful and fun challenge and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to participate in this competition!